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Fix the Amazon account technical woes via Amazon contact number

Whenever people think of online shopping, the first that strikes their mind is Amazon. It is one of the largest eCommerce websites that has been active in multiple countries. Apart from this, Amazon is engrossed in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital streaming and many more. Some of the latest features like Amazon Prime have made people choose this eCommerce website. No matter what you want to buy, you'll find it on Amazon. Because of this, there's huge number of users all over the world. It also offers 24 hours available amazon customer service that'll fix the Amazon-related glitches with ease.

No matter what kind of issue is bothering you, make sure to remove it by contacting on the amazon customer service number. Every user will get instant technical assistance by the Amazon technical team.

How can I turn on 2 step verification in Amazon?

  • For this, you have to go to the 'Advanced Security Settings' options.
  • Once you reach the setting section, click on the 'Get Started' set-up for the process of Two-Step Verification.
  • After this, you're needed to add the primary phone number. You can also download the authenticator app and then send the code.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the code that you received on your phone. Code that is generated from the app can also be used for verification purpose.
  • Enter the code that has been sent to the phone number. You can also enter the code that is generated via authenticator app. Now, go for "Verify code and continue".
  • After this, you can either add any back-up number or download & configure an authenticator app. This helps in generating security codes if you are not able to receive ant message to the device.
  • Without any backup phone number, users won't be able to turn on Two-Step Verification process. This is important to receive the code on the backup number if you don't have any access to the primary mobile number.

If you get any glitch during turning on the 2 step verification then you must get assistance from the Amazon expert's team. They'll guide users in rectification all the issues in an instant manner.

How do I create my new amazon account?

If you want to create an Amazon account and you're a new user then you can contact on the amazon phone number. You can also follow these instructions to create account on your own:

  • At first, go to in order to create an Amazon account.
  • Search 'sign up'.
  • In this, you have to mention your credentials including mobile phone number, name, email address, and a password. This'll create an account.
  • Your mobile number will get a One Time password (OTP) for verification purpose.
  • Now, enter the OTP and get started with the features of Amazon.

What to do to disable two-step verification in Amazon?

For disabling the 2 step verification, you're needed to go through these steps:

  • Make sure to reach the "Advanced Security Settings".
  • After this, you are needed to click on the option of "Disable" Two-Step Verification. On clicking it, you'll be prompted to a new page with security code.
  • Enter that code and after that, you are needed to click "Verify code".

To seek quick help from the Amazon team, you can freely call on the amazon customer service phone number. This number allows the users to contact the Amazon technical team from any corner of the world. So, stay connected for more technical help..

How to connect Amazon Echo device to WIFI?

Many times, users get stranded with the connection issue of Amazon Alexa to WIFI. In such a situation, the better option is to ring on the amazon support number. Apart from this, you can also try out these instructions to connect Amazon Echo device with WIFI:

  • The first thing that you're needed to do is to open Alexa app, make navigation to the panel and after that select "Settings".
  • You need to choose your device and then click "Update Wi-Fi". For adding a new device to the account, choose "Set up" a new device.
  • Now, go to your Echo device and then press "Action button" for a few seconds until the light changes to orange. This will connect the mobile device to the Echo device. You'll also get a list of Wi-Fi networks available in the app.
  • In the next step, you have to choose the "Wi-Fi network" and after this, you need to enter password of the network. If you are not able to see your Wi-Fi networks then just scroll down to choose "Add a Network". You can also go to "Rescan".
  • At last, select the "Connect" option on the screen. When your Echo device will get connected to the Wi-Fi network, you'll get a confirmation message that will appear in the app. This will make your Alexa ready to use.

Right from account sign up to Alexa, there can be any number of issues that can be fixed via amazon customer support number. So, whenever you get any issue, think of contacting the technical specialist of Amazon.

Amazon is an e-commerce website. It faces a lot of attacks from crackers. So if you feel, that you need to know about suspicious activity or you’re a victim of a cyberattack, then you can contact customer service and send a message to get help. You can get to know about a refund after you get in contact with the support using either live chat option or you can use the contact by email feature. If you need assistance simultaneously as you present the problem to the support, then talk to a live person or talk to an representative to get troubleshooting solutions.

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