Is Facebook Reels Not Showing A Unsolved Puzzle? Tackled!

Reels not showing on Facebook‘ is a constant error for most users who want to come out of it quickly. Are you one of the Facebook users who post short-term videos on its account? You send others your videos and ask them to watch them, but they respond by saying, ‘Reels not showing’? We have you covered!

Facebook, also known as Meta Facebook, has released its reel feature onto the app. Reels are the substitute for a short video that includes sound, visuals, actions, pictures, etc.

Likewise, Instagram and Facebook have their own reel feature that lets users create one for themselves.

Now, most people are receiving errors of some kind with it: They are facing difficulty in uploading their reels when reels are shared, it is not visible, and so on.

Getting issues like these can be a consequence of disruptions of Facebook reel settings. There can be other reasons as well, which we will try to figure out later in the post.

Why are Facebook reels not showing up on iPhones?

Facebook reels may be difficult to run on iPhone devices sometimes. The reason for it is simple: Disabled scrolling reel when mobile data is used on iPhone.

Yes, there is a feature on the iPhone that disables the scrolling of reels on Facebook when the mobile data is on.

To fix it, change the setting from iPhone.

Why did Facebook Reels Not Showing Emerge: Reasons?

Reels on Facebook are a new trend. Assumingly, it is inspired by the Instagram reel system. But, it does not seem to be operating smoothly, as users are reporting reels not showing obstacles every now and then.

But, you must be thinking, what is it that is becoming a problem for reels to function on Facebook?

Well, sadly, no exact reason has been found for that. However, we can presume a few errors – common to Facebook – are generating the issue.

Errors like Server Went Down, Weaker Internet Connection, Device incompatibility, and so on can be the reasons for the poor functionality of reels.

Also, these assumed reasons can be checked for solving this clinging issue.

Let’s check and fix one of the issues if that’s there!

How to enable reels on Facebook? Possible Try!

Solving reel issues on Facebook might be hectic, but a few troubleshooting guides might make it easier for you.

Try out these different solutions for it!

Allow operating reels on Mobile Data:

When mobile data access is denied to Facebook, it will not load the latest reels on your Facebook. For that, try enabling it through the given steps.

  • Pick the Settings option from iPhone.
  • Find the ‘Facebook’ option.
  • From here, tap to change the toggle from Off to On.

You will experience that your iPhone is now receiving new reels after it.

Try performing Cache Clearing from Facebook:

Every app holds a portion of data when a user opens an app. This hold is for a better experience for subsequent time usage. However, it only sometimes works in the favor; sometimes, it can become a cause of related issues; reels not showing is one such error.

In such a case, the only option that remains – clearing the cache on Facebook.

  • Press the Facebook app icon until it shows the ‘app info’ menu.
  • Then, pick ‘Storage and Cache’ from the menu.
  • From the right, click the dustbin icon labeling ‘Clear Cache.’

This will erase cache and files that were no longer needed.

Uninstall Facebook; Reinstall And Use:

When it is continuously creating problems, take a chance by uninstalling the Facebook app and try reinstalling it. Do not panic! It will not erase any of your data when uninstalled fb.

To uninstall, tap the Facebook icon and keep it holding till you get options showing ‘Remove App.’

After you tap it, the Facebook app will disappear from your device. Now, visit the app store, install it again, and try using it.

Check Internet Connection:

You must use a fast internet connection not to encounter errors of any kind. For that, either you use wifi or can use mobile data. Nevertheless, when nothing seems to be working, and the issue persists, check the internet source and then proceed.

You must take care of the internet speed, especially during the low phase of Facebook.

Final Words

Reels or short video trend is common, and luckily, Facebook has adopted them for their users. However, most users face the issue of Facebook Reels Not Showing on their profile. The problem is challenging to tackle, but it is possible. Check it out now!