How to get a refund on cash app if sent to wrong person?

When it comes to the secure, instant, and advanced means of money transfer, the first name that comes to the mind is the cash app. Because of its instant mobile money transfer, there are billions of active users of this app all over the world. No doubt, this is a great online platform through which you send and receive money. Want to send quick money to your friend? This can be done with all convenience by using a cash app. But have you ever thought what happens if you accidentally send money to the wrong person? Usually, this problem is mostly encountered by new users. This is why they ask about- how to get a refund on cash app if sent to wrong person?

Well, there’s a refund policy on cash that allows you to process the refund option. For any sort of technical assistance, there is a team of technical professionals available around the clock.

Refund when accidentally sent to a wrong person

Cash App, no doubt, offers prompt services for an instant making instant payment. Therefore, whatever transactions you’re making, it will get confirmed within a few minutes. If the payment gets confirmed then it would be difficult to proceed for the refund. It can impossible to get back only when the recipient is not in a mood to return the payment. The refund of the payment generally depends on Cash App’s refund policy. But, yes you can initiate for a refund process to get the payment back. You can get lucky if the recipient will be humble.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the steps of how to get a refund on cash app if sent to wrong person.

  • At first, go to your Cash App in your device.
  • Open the clock indicating the Task tab. You’ll find this on the base screen.
  • Look for the payment you need a refund from.
  • Just tap on the 3 dots present at the top corner.
  • At last, just make a tap on the option of “Refund”