How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger

We often wonder, How to add spoiler in Facebook Messenger. Let’s face it; Facebook Messenger has become a vital part of our lives.

From memes to recipes, we share everything with our friends via messengers. And sometimes, we want to surprise our friends with Facebook spoilers. But how can we send one if we don’t know how to add a spoiler?

Therefore, knowing how to send a spoiler on Messenger is essential. So buckle up; today, you’ll learn to add spoilers on Messenger.

How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger: An Overview of Spoiler

Before you learn to add spoilers on Facebook Messenger, you must know what a spoiler is. So, a spoiler is a piece of crucial information about a movie, novel or TV series.

For example, if I tell you that Dan is the actual GOSSIP GIRL from the series Gossip Girl while you’re watching the series, that’d be a spoiler!

But now you might ask what a piece of news has to do with Facebook Messenger. Using a spoiler feature in Messenger, you hide the information until the recipient wants to see it.

Therefore, to add fun to your conversation, let’s learn how to add spoiler in Facebook Messenger.

How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how you can add a spoiler in Facebook Messenger:

  • First, open your Facebook messenger from your computer or phone
  • Next, select your preferred contact and type what you want to send
  • Furthermore, select the text you want to hide and tap on the exclamation mark
  • Finally, select “Mark as Spoiler” from the option and hit send

How to Reveal Spoilers on Messenger?

Now that you know how to add spoiler in Facebook Messenger, it’s time to reveal spoilers on Messenger.

So, here’s how you can reveal spoilers on Messenger:

  • First, Tap on the message you want to reveal
  • Then, tap on the tag to display the spoiler

That’s it! It’s simple to reveal spoilers on Facebook Messenger.

Some Essential Tips While Using Spoilers in Facebook Messenger

Spoilers can be merry and fun till you keep some things in mind. So, let’s find out what these things are:

1. Don’t overdo it

Spoilers are used to surprise your friends. So, doing it all the time might bore your friends. Thus, use the feature sparingly and only when necessary.

2. You need Clarity

Spoilers won’t be fun if your recipient doesn’t understand them. Thus, use a “Spoiler alert” tag before sending them to your friend.

3. Respect Your Friends and Their Choices

Not everyone likes spoilers. Therefore, respect those who don’t want them and don’t ruin their fun.

4. Don’t Spoil Fun of the Conversation

Don’t let spoilers ruin the fun of the conversation. Thus, don’t ruin the fun of conversation and use the tool to enhance your experience.


Can I undo the spoiler tag once sent?

No, once you send the spoiler tag, you cannot undo it. So, consider thoroughly before sending a spoiler on Facebook. Moreover, if your friends don’t want a spoiler, respect their decision and don’t send them.

Is the spoiler feature available on Facebook?

Yes, the spoiler feature is primarily for Facebook. So, if you want to use this feature, go to Facebook Messenger and select “Mark as Spoiler” in the top right corner.

Can I use spoilers in Facebook Messenger on my desktop or laptop?

You can use spoilers in Facebook Messenger on both desktop/laptop and phone. So, have fun with your friends, whether on your phone or desktop.

Can I use the spoiler tag in a group chat?

Yes, you can add a spoiler tag in a group chat. And don’t worry; the process is similar to one-on-one chat.

Can I add the spoiler tag for videos?

No, you can only add a spoiler tag for texts. So, if you want to send a picture or video, you’ll have to send it as it is.

How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger: Parting Thoughts

Adding a spoiler is a cakewalk if you use Facebook Messenger regularly. However, remember to keep it fun and not painful while adding them and teasing your friends. So, now that you know How to add spoilers in Facebook Messenger, go ahead and have fun. Best of luck!