How To Delete Facebook?


Facebook is one of the most visiting communication sites with billions of users. All over the world, this platform is used. Facebook allows its clients to simply share contemplations/images/videos/status with loved ones, however, it is additionally a one-stop business stage to move toward the correct group of beholders. It is the fastest and dependable stage to connect with friends and family. If you are a Facebook user and just because of any reason you want to delete the Fb then in a very easy manner on can do this. If off the chance you don’t know how to delete facebook then just follow the directions given in the blog. Always remember if for once you will delete the Fb account then it will be just next to impossible to recover the account as only deactivated Facebook account can be recovered.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account

  • First, open the search box on your device.
  • In the search box type and after that hit the enter button
  • Later, a Facebook login page will get open in that enter your user name and password and after that simply click the login button.
  • On clicking the log in link Facebook homepage will get open from there click on the Options icon present on the top right corner.
  • Thereafter click on the “Setting” option and after that select “click account ownership and control” option.
  • After that tap the “deactivation and deletion” link.
  • Then later select the Delete account option.
  • After selecting the options click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Later another page will get open. Read the information mentioned on the page and then click on the Delete Account tab.
  • After that enter the password and tap the “Continue” link.
  • Then after that, another page of confirmation will get open. Read the text mentioned on the page and then click on the “Delete Account” tab.
  • On clicking the Delete account tab your Facebook Account will successfully get deleted.

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