How Do I Make My Gmail is Secure?

how do i make my gmail is secure

Your professional Gmail account is something that needs to be secured from third parties as it has critical security information about you. And can you ever imagined what data can one steal from your Gmail account when it is hacked by someone? The answer to this question will give you an actual realization of the significance of your Gmail account security. Well! If you will continue the blog further, we have brought here a few easy tricks to secure your account Contact Gmail Support.

Gmail Support Tips to Secure your Gmail

1- Take access to your security settings

Sign in to your Gmail account through credentials, and click your profile picture available at the upper right segment of the screen. And the select My Account. Doing this you will reach your Gmail dashboard. There you will find a sign in & security options. Click signing to google in order to get access to your Gmail security settings.

2- Generate strong enough password hard to guess

No one wants a week or an easy to guess password for their Gmail Account. If you don’t know how tips regarding the creation of hard to guess password based on high-security standards, then you can check tips on official Gmail help page. Another option for you is to take verbal assistance from Gmail Customer Service staff through phone calls.

3-Two factor authentication adds extra security level

It is also called two-step verification. By the name itself, it is clear that you will have to provide two-level of authentications in order to get into your Gmail account. To set up, you need to click option, two-step verification below the password 7 sign-in method. Here you need to enter your currently active mobile number. Entering a code received by you on phone in the mail prompt will authenticate it.

Now, your two-factor authentication is all set. When you will log in to your account, you will receive a code on the phone. That way it will never let any third party sign in to your account as they will not have your phone.

4- Keep in touch with Gmail Support agents for better assistance

So, reading the blog got better for you, and from now onwards, you will now only understand the security need of your Gmail account, but also use all above mentioned effective measures to maintain the same. Stay in touch with us to get a better know-how about Gmail.